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Treating Corneal & External Eye Diseases

Corneal and external diseases involve the cornea, anterior chamber of the eye, iris, lens, conjunctiva and eyelids—all areas in front of or outside of the vitreous body of the eye itself. These areas can be damaged by trauma, chemical or thermal injuries or pathological diseases. Some of the most common corneal and external eye diseases that Dr. Maher treats include:

  • Astigmatism - This is an irregularity in the curvature of the cornea and affects how your eye focuses light.
  • Cataract - Cloudiness or complete opacity of the natural lens that diminishes your ability to focus.
  • Dry Eye - Unusual dryness of the cornea usually caused by insufficient tear production. Can cause burning or redness and lead to reduced visual acuity.
  • Hyperopia - Also known as farsightedness. Blurriness when viewing nearby objects.
  • Myopia - Also known as nearsightedness. Blurriness when viewing objects far away.
  • Presbyopia - The inability to focus on objects at varying distances (a process known as accommodation). If you have to hold reading materials at arm's length, you might have this condition.
  • Pterygium - This is an abnormal growth on the surface of the conjunctiva that may gradually advance and require surgical removal because it interferes with normal vision.
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